Introducing the Stylish and Feature-Packed Fire-Boltt Vogue Smartwatch

If you’re looking for an affordable yet stylish smartwatch with useful health tracking features, take a look at the new Fire-Boltt Vogue. Priced at just Rs. 1,999, this smartwatch comes in three fashionable colors – Black, Pink, and Blue.

The Vogue sports a modern 1.69-inch touchscreen display encased in a 2.5D curved glass. It packs a 260mAh battery that can last up to 7 days on a single charge – plenty of juice to track your daily activities without constantly recharging.

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Health & Fitness Monitoring

This smartwatch goes beyond basic timekeeping and phone notifications. It has built-in sensors to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns. The Vogue also includes multiple sports modes to track running, walking, cycling and more.

Convenient Features

In addition to the health tracking capabilities, the Fire-Boltt Vogue has some nifty extra features. It comes with an Alexa voice assistant so you can get news updates, control smart home devices, and more with simple voice commands.

Standout Specs:

  • Stylish design with 1.69″ touchscreen
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • Multiple sports modes
  • Built-in Alexa voice assistant
  • Up to 7 days battery life

For those seeking a fashionable smartwatch on a budget, the feature-packed Fire-Boltt Vogue is certainly worth considering. It delivers solid health tracking and smart features at an affordable price point.


In summary, the Fire-Boltt Vogue packs an impressive array of features into a stylish and affordable smartwatch. With its modern design, health and activity tracking capabilities, built-in Alexa, and long battery life, this device offers great value for money. If you want a budget-friendly wearable that doesn’t skimp on style or functionality, the Fire-Boltt Vogue is a compelling option to consider. It delivers the essential smartwatch features you need to monitor your health, fitness, and daily life in an attractive package that won’t break the bank. For these reasons, the Vogue is definitely worth a look for those seeking a capable smartwatch on a budget.

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